Robinson Services & IFM Comac …Three Decades of Partnership and Progress

It’s hard to believe but it’s over thirty years ago that in 1994, Robinson Services and IFM Comac first started working together to bring the latest technology to the FM support services sector. By focusing on leading edge technology, productivity and quality of service, this partnership has promoted true cooperation and a real commitment to the success of the collective future of both businesses.

Stephen Wood, Operations Director at Robinson Services commented: “We are fortunate to have engaged and committed to this long-standing partnership with IFM Comac that allows us to continue the development of industry-leading programmes that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. IFM Comac has always provided us with products that aim to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning operations whilst still offering the best solution for the environment they are put to work in. Today more than ever, thanks to constant research and introduction to ever more innovative technologies, Comac machines can be adapted for different sectors with different needs. Comac’s sustainable technologies can optimize use of resources, stopping water, energy and detergent getting wasted, reducing noise pollution and time spent cleaning.

It is clear that both businesses have evolved over the thirty year relationship and adapted in tune with each other to meet challenges such as the Covid Pandemic, the need to be more environmentally aware and challenge conventional thinking in everything we do.  As a result of challenging each other both Companies have become much more professional and progressive. Here’s to the next thirty years of a strong relationship and success as we strive to create a future that is better for our industry.”

Gerry Cullen, Managing Director of IFM Comac commented: ”It’s hard to believe that thirty years have passed since we first supplied a scrubber drier to Robinson Services… this has been a wonderful and close business collaboration and it has been great getting to know how Robinson Services work, and we truly appreciate them sharing their knowledge about the roles and responsibilities required for a business like theirs so we can provide them with the best products to meet their needs. You have our sincere appreciation and we hope to continue our collaboration with you in the future.


We are particularly excited about our latest product innovation that we are putting to the test at one of your customer locations in Belfast later this month. The SELF.Y robotic cleaner is more than a floor scrubber. It has been designed to be your new smart collaborative cleaning partner that integrates seamlessly into your dedicated premises maintenance team, giving more value to your time. In fact, SELF.Y works in complete autonomy and safety to offer you maximum cleaning performance with minimal supervision. The SELF.Y is another example of how we work well together and continue to be at the lead in the FM support industry sector.”

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