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Welcome to our Group Employee Wellbeing page.

We hope that you will find the resources highlighted here useful; whatever challenge you may be facing.

Please Remember: Talking and Seeking Support is a Strength; Not a Weakness!

All of our employees, and any members of family living at the same address, have 24/7 access to our DAS counselling helpline. The helpline is completely confidential – you only need to quote ‘Robinson Services’ to avail of this service. The service is completely confidential and is provided over the phone.

The counselling service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tel: 0344 893 9012 (UK) or 0044 344 893 9012 (ROI) and identify yourself as an employee of Robinson Services.

Remember that your GP is a very useful first port of call for any wellbeing concerns you have; both for yourself and for your family and loved ones

In addition to the support resources we have listed; there are comprehensive directories of local resources available via the following links:

If you believe that you, or someone else, has been the victim of a crime, you may wish to telephone the PSNI using non-emergency reporting number 101; or via your local Garda Station

Being LGBTQ+ does not lead to mental health or wellbeing problems. However those who don’t fit society’s heteronormative ideal, and often have to deal with other adverse reactions, are often at greater risk of developing a mental health problem. provides a comprehensive directory of resources available to the LGBTQ+ community throughout Ireland, including a helpline and text support service.

Topic of the Quarter

Each Quarter, we will highlight a topic to raise awareness and share support available for anyone experiencing related difficulties.

Quarter 3 2020: New RS Group Wellbeing App

As an employee of the Robinson Services Group, you also have access to our complimentary Employee Health & Wellbeing App, provided in partnership with Incorporate Benefits.

The app includes:

  • Nutrition guides and video recipes
  • Fitness tracking/exercise videos
  • Mental health and lifestyle information
  • Rewards/discounts from brands based on points earned through the app

A brief video to summarise the App and its services can also be viewed here

Click here to download more information.

To register simply click here

Quarter 1 2020: Financial Debt

If you are experiencing debt problems, or a debt crisis, know that you are not alone. The Northern Ireland region in particular is experiencing the highest levels of personal debt in the UK. It’s not unusual to hold some type of loan or credit facility – however a sudden change in circumstances, or even turning to other credit providers, can result in debt quickly spiralling out of control.

Many people may choose not to seek help and try to deal with it, meaning that by the time they seek help, they may be in a crisis situation; unable to meet mortgage, heat or food bills.

If you are having financial difficulty, or are even in a crisis debt situation, it’s important to remember these key things:

  • Don’t panic – you are not alone. Practical help is available
  • No situation is too bad to be resolved – you do, however, need to speak out and seek help as early as possible
  • Seek non-profit help…in other words, seek advice from reputable organisations who will not be biased, or seek to make more money by helping you
  • If you are being harassed and bullied by debt collection agencies, seeking help from these organisations mean that these agencies cannot contact you for at least 30 days. This can be a huge help, giving you the space to get onto a better footing. Yet another reason to seek help as soon as possible!

Don’t wait…a few of the organisations that can help with Debt solutions are listed in our resource table below.

Financial Debt – Click here to download

Some Support Resources – Click here to download