Stuart is certainly The Robinson Services ACE up the sleeve when it comes to ACHIEVING CUSTOMER EXCELLENCE

IMG_1540Congratulations to Stuart Watson, Security Officer at Howgate Shopping Centre, Falkirk who was awarded an ACE Star for 2016.

At a gala event that ‘celebrates the best in the industry in delivering customer excellence’ which was held in The Hilton Hotel Brighton on Thursday 10 March 16.  Stuart was recognised for his continued approach in Achieving Customer Excellence. Below is an extract from Stuart’s testimony following his engagement with an ACE mystery Shopper.

Stuart smiled and said hello as I approached. I said I was looking for a wedding gift for my flatmates. Stuart asked if they’d said if they needed anything and I said I had no idea what to buy. Stuart suggested a picture frame, or a set of frames. He pointed H Samuel out to me and encouraged me to ask the people in the store about items that could be ordered. He mentioned Cardworld and Pearbox as well. He suggested I could get champagne flutes in H Samuel or teacups as well and suggested a bed linen set from Wilko or Debenhams. He said he was trying to think of what he’d got for his wedding and suggested gift vouchers as well. He told me I could get a Howgate gift card but not all stores accepted it, only the big ones. He walked with me towards H Samuel and when I thanked him he told me it was no problem at all. Stuart was very attentive and he tried hard to think of suitable suggestions, I was happy with the friendly manner in which he interacted with me.

David Robinson commented, “we are delighted at Stuart’s achievement and his individual award. Having read his testimony, I am very proud to have an officer that is so attentive to the customer needs and is willing to go to such lengths to ensure the customer has had a positive experience. Our business is very much dependent on the performance of our “front line staff” and having employees like Stuart regularly performing at such a high standard can only enhances our business and reputation of a service provider.