Robinson Services not Stuck when it comes to providing Gum Removal in partnership with GRV Ireland

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Robinson Services are proud to announce, that in partnership with GRV Ireland, they are adding a new Gum Removal Service to their already extensive list of services. The GRV, which stands for ‘Gum Removal Vehicle’, is a unique machine that works by using superheated steam combined with an automatically dispensed detergent specifically designed to perform with steam. Surfaces are left clean, dry and sanitised.

Using this multi-purpose cleaning machine, Robinson Services can provide surface cleaning for an extensive range of locations such as parks, shopping centres, train stations, bus shelters, airports, car parks, town squares, city streets, schools, universities, stadiums, showgrounds, theme parks and resorts.

Stephen Wood, Regional Manager at Robinson Services, commented;

“We are very proud at Robinson Services to be able to offer our clients this new service. Operating in teams of 3 men, with each team using 2 machines, we can cover an area of between 850-1200m2 per day. The GRV machines not only remove chewing gum stains at a rate of up to 500 pieces per hour, but also clean and sanitise toilets, urinals, showers, street furniture, bus shelters, playgrounds, drinking fountains, barbecues, ashtrays and bins, easily remove posters, minor graffiti and street surface stains, thermally destroy weeds, vaccuum up cigarette butts, clean glass windows and tiled areas, and clean bird and bat faeces. To add to this versatility, a range of attachments allow for superior cleaning results on any surface being cleaned.  Not only that, the GRV means even greater access to areas such as inside toilet blocks. The Gum Removal Equipment that we use is top of the line and is the envy of all other competitors. It should be noted that we can cover an extremely large area and the speed and quality of our work is exceptional.  The addition of this service shows the hard work and dedication of Robinson Services to expand our service versatility and for any event, location or business, Robinson Services can be trusted to delivery exactly what you need.”

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