Robinson Services’ Managing Director David Robinson freed from the Brig!





A brand new initiative, ‘Boss in the Brig’ recently saw Northern Irish business leaders apprehended by the Harbour Police and charged to collectively raise 10,000 in support of The Prince’s Trust, a charity which gives practical and financial support to 13-30 year olds in the UK who have struggled at school, been in care, have been in trouble with the law or are long-term unemployed.

Local businessman, David Robinson, Managing Director for Robinson Services Ltd, put out an urgent plea from his cell for help to raise his bounty set at£1,000, with all of the bail proceeds going to The Prince’s Trust in Northern Ireland to help disadvantaged young people move into education, training or employment.

David was charged to raise this bounty to guarantee his release from the Brig in the depths of the River Lagan with a warning that those who failed to raise their bail would be keel hauled at noon the next day!  Arrests took place on Friday 21st September 2012. Bosses were held in custody at Belfast Harbour until such time as they raised a bounty set at £1,000. Bail could be raised by any means necessary calling on the generosity of clients, colleagues, suppliers, business networks, and friends.













With 34 donations, David Robinson, Managing Director of Robinson Services was able to raise 175% of the target £1000, a staggering £1750 for The Prince’s Trust.

David commented; “Thank you to everyone who donated, not just for my freedom, but for all the local young people my bail will help through the crucial work of The Prince’s Trust. The money will significantly help to change young people’s lives.”

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