Robinson Services helps Fermanagh District Council prepare for the G8 Summit














In advance of the 39th G8 Summit, held on 17–18 June 2013 at the Lough Erne Resort in County Fermanagh, Robinson Services has been working in partnership with Fermanagh District Council to prepare the town for the arrival of representatives for the world’s eight wealthiest countries. It is an honour that Northern Ireland has been chosen to host such an event, and also for Robinson Services who have been chosen to powerwash, clean and remove gum from the streets of Fermanagh.

Robinson Services, operating in teams of 3 men, with each team using 2 machines, can cover an area of between 850-1200m2 per day. Lisnaskea, a town with 4780 m2 of footpath was completed by the Robinson Services team in just 4 days using a super-heated steam system. Enniskillen Town Centre, consisting of 2655 m2 of heavily soiled footpath, was completed in just 3 days. Both jobs including cleaning a mixture of brick pavers, concrete flags and tarmac/asphalt.

David Robinson, Managing Director of Robinson Services, commented;

“The footpaths, windows, walls and shutters in the towns were also power washed after the gum was removed. Fermanagh District Council were extremely happy with the quality of the work which goes to show that Robinson Services is the Service Provider of choice for such high profile events. It should be noted that we covered an extremely large area and the speed and quality of our work was exceptional. The Gum Removal Equipment that we used is top of the line and is the envy of all other competitors. We are extremely proud to have been able to contribute to the preparations for the G8 Summit in Fermanagh, and our appointment for this contract pays recognition to our hard work and high quality services.”

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