Robinson Services are the Support Services Provider of choice for Tesco when it comes to the safety of their Car Parks during the Winter months














During the Winter months, the disruption to people’s normal working lives can be considerable when the bad weather arrives, with ice and snow making car parks and roads potentially dangerous.  So it is no surprise that for the past three years, Tesco have continued to trust Robinson Services with their Snow Clearance and Winter Gritting Services of their customer car parks and other service areas.  Robinson Services provide reliable and efficient Snow Clearance and Winter Gritting Services with specifically designed equipment, based on Meteorological Office Weather Reports, which ensures timely and cost effective use of these services.

David Robinson, Managing Director of Robinson Services, commented;

“Tesco knows that ice can be a real inconvenience or even a danger for their customers and employees, and as one of the largest retailers in the world, it cannot afford to have any disruption to its day to day services, as thousands of customers rely on the supermarket every day.  Robinson Services provides Snow Clearance and Winter Gritting Services for Tesco’s business premises, outdoor work areas, and car parks, and we can do the same for your business. Don’t let the bad weather impact on your daily working life.  Act fast now by giving the Robinson Services Winter Gritting Service a call and we’ll take care of it.”

For further information contact Robinson Services on 028 9442 9717 or by email