Northern Ireland’s Leading Support Services Business Secures 3 year contract to provide Cleaning Services to Queen’s University Belfast

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Queen’s University Belfast has awarded a 3 year contract to Robinson Services to provide the cleaning services to approximately 40% of the university campus. The contract involves the provision of cleaning and laundry services to some of the  most interesting and iconic buildings in Northern Ireland. The contract commenced on 9 July 16 and will run concurrently for a period of 3 years.
Queen’s University Belfast is steeped in heritage yet benefits from world-class, state-of-the-art facilities and Robinson Services are proud to have an association with such a high profile centre of excellence . Under the contract, which runs until 2019, Robinson Services will provide specialised services to ensure the 3700 employees and 25,000  undergraduate/postgraduate students receive the highest possible hygiene standards.

David Robinson commented “This is a highly significant contract award with one of the UK’s leading universities. We look forward to providing the highest standard of service to Queen’s University Belfast for the next 3 years”

Robinson Services  offer our wide range of services to schools, colleges and  universities throughout Northern Ireland. Our management teams are well versed  and familiar with the most challenging issues being faced  within the education sector. They work tirelessly to offer a solution that is cost effective, diligent and meets the required standard. Each employee is trained to The British Institute of Cleaning Science Standard, an industry recognised accreditation and qualification. Quality assurance and regular communication is key to our service, offering a transparent and personalized education cleaning service, tailored to fit the needs of your organisation.

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