Lucky 13 For Robinson Services At The Loo Of The Year Awards 2017

Once again Robinson Services have had a very successful year at the Loo of The Year Awards 2017.
The team have improved on the 7 Platinum and 5 Gold awards achieved in 2016 to pick up 11 Platinum and 2 Gold awards in 2017. We have achieved the highest standard in various industries, that include retail, airports, large office space and visitor centres.


David Robinson commented “Cleanliness can be critical when it comes to protecting a business brand. It impacts customers’ experience and perceptions, affects their loyalty, and influences what they tell friends and family. That’s why it’s important our business consistently deliver a clean, fresh and healthy washroom environment. It is also critically important if we want our customers and visitors to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by limiting the risk of infections”
“Robinson Services maintain washrooms that are used by an estimated 30,000 people each day. We are proud of the standard we deliver and the training provided to achieve these awards on an annual basis. I want to thank the various teams throughout the province for delivering standards that are once again acknowledged within our own industry”