All Washed Up? Not a Chance as Laundry Division Staff Celebrate 70 Years of Experience

Long-serving staff from Robinson Services Laundry Division, who have been with the company for ten years or more, recently took part in a special presentation hosted by David Robinson in celebration of their dedicated service to Robinson Services.

At the presentation, held at the state of the art Laundry Division factory in Antrim there was lots of reminiscing and funny stories were told; journeying back even to a time when the staff worked in Waveney Laundry in Ballymena, before it was bought over by Robinson Services and the name subsequently changed when relocating to the new £2m investment in Antrim.

David Robinson, Managing Director of Robinson Services, commented;

“The four staff in attendance here today total a staggering combined 70 years’ service, a truly monumental figure!  The staff who attended the presentation range from all different roles within the laundry team and I would personally like to congratulate them all once more on their respective milestones within the company.  One of our longest-serving Laundry members, Pamela Fullerton, has clocked up a staggering 30 years of service to Robinson Services, and to her in particular, I wanted to show my gratitude.  Coming up close behind him is Jennifer Jackson who is in her 20th year at the Laundry!  Jason Mitchell has been working in the Laundry for 10 years as has Linda McKendry   Each and every one of our Laundry family are key members of our smooth-running operation and I want them all to know that their work is very much appreciated.  We wish them many more years of dedication to follow.”