Robinson Services Support Engineers Turning Problems and Coffee Into Solutions

Today’s FM Support Services market rewards organisations which can stay lean and avoid complicating their business model and that’s our goal at Robinson Services Our team of on site service engineers for our Cleaning Division provides customers with an unmatched range of expertise which can be utilised on a case by case basis. Our engineers are part of our investment and commitment to all our customers to ensure the best possible customer service levels.

When cleaning machinery fails, a field service engineer from our team headed up by Head Engineer Michael Lagan will arrive armed with a coffee…maybe tea … and provide rapid fault finding and diagnostics services at your premises which can minimise the amount of downtime suffered. You can benefit from this rapid response time, as well as field service engineers who are fully trained, equipped with the knowledge to get to the bottom of a problem and address it.

Our vastly experienced team who are available as part of our Engineering Resource Support service are well versed in problem solving across all our range of machines 

With specialist knowledge and armed with the requisite parts for all eventualities our field service engineer comes in and performs specific tasks until the job is done. and completed to your satisfaction. This saves you money in the long run and ensures that your core operations are not compromised.

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