Rex The King of Cleans has Arrived and joined the Robinson Services Team on Trial

Every king needs a throne and Rex the robot cleaner has arrived in Belfast to join the support services team from Robinson Services on trial…and when it comes to  Rex he recharges, empties the waste water tank, and refills the solution tank all on its own—a whole new level of convenience.

Ryan Quigley, Operations Manager at Robinson Services explains: “Welcome to the future and meet the King of Cleans … Rex! With beautiful design and an affable personality, Rex allows for non-intrusive cleaning that people will love to see. Every king needs a throne and King Rex gives our cleaners superpowers with easy-to-use, powerful, and smart robot support—making the world a better place, one cleaning robot at a time. With an auto docking system, never worry about refilling nor emptying waste…Rex empties & refills all by himself!

At Robinson Services we are always looking for innovative ways to help our clients by using the very latest technologies. So Rex  is our latest team member and is currently on trial with us. Powered by a comprehensive network of lidars, depth cameras and 5 sonars, Rex is able to traverse high traffic areas with active obstacle tracking and adapt to changing environments—perfect for both day and night cleaning.

With a sleek and compact design that are not just for looks—it allows for greater mobility and a tighter turning radius, for better cleaning in tight corners and traversing smaller entrances Rex delivers industry-leading cleaning performance.”

Stephen Wood, Operations Director at Robinson Services was equally enthusiastic in his praise for the latest potential new team member: “ We are always on the lookout for the latest innovation to ensure Robinson Services  commitment to supporting our business with the very latest technology and innovation is front and centre of our thinking. Rex has had a encouraging start to his  potential career with us when put to the test at a local shopping centre and indeed he was the centre of attention from staff and customers alike –  he was mobbed by fascinated young and old  minds all keen to introduce themselves and rumour has it he had a few proposals of marriage and offers to be taken home to help with the housework.

We look forward to Rex continuing his probationary period with us and he has immediately become a valued member of our support team here as we continue to push the business forward with the latest technology that meets the needs of our customer portfolio.”